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Managing Remote Employees Features

The main features of the development resources include:

A focus on high-performance working

The use of research-based learning material

A knowledge and skill competency approach

A proven, tried and tested delivery format

A mix of hard-copy and digital friendly resources

100+ practical tips, techniques and insights

An Announcement Overview, Workbook, Digital eBook, ‘How to deliver’ Guide, PowerPoint slides, Learning Plan Document and Certificate

Development Objectives

‘Managing Remote Employees’ provides everything you need to deliver an onsite or virtual development session to managers with remote working responsibility.

The development objectives from the use of the resources are:

1. To understand the difference between on-site and remote working.

2. To identify the barriers to managing remote employees.

3. To review the remote management effectiveness of each participant.

4. To prepare a remote management development plan.

5. To improve the remote management skills of each participant.

6. To increase the confidence and motivation of each participant by using the Fast Five approach to Managing Remote Employees.

Development Format and Focus

‘Managing Remote Employees’ can be delivered onsite or in a virtual setting.

The development format includes:

An informal workshop style and/or coaching approach

Presentations linked to the content

Use of the Fast Five Managing Remote Employees eBook/Workbook

Personal and group exercises

An opportunity for feedback and discussion

Action planning.

The focus of the development concentrates on the remote working and management process, the knowledge and skills required to be successful and the use of the learning to the practical remote needs of your organisation and its people.

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