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Managing Remote Employees Benefits

‘Time is money’ and your energy and day-to-day focus will be spent on the goals and objectives important to delivering success for your organisation.

Many professionals like to produce their own development content, but don’t have the research time and resources to do it.

Remote managers are also busy organising, directing and leading their remote team members. Managing remotely can be challenging and takes up most of their time.

Searching for information, practical tips and strategies to help them to maximise the productivity and performance of remote colleagues diverts them from their core management role.

That’s where we come in.

The Fast Five ‘Managing Remote Employees’ resource package has been produced to save you valuable time, maximise your resources and avoid unnecessary costs.

Other benefits:

Additional benefits to using the Fast Five ‘Managing Remote Employees’ resource include:

1. A range of flexible packages are available to suit your exact needs

2. Resources are budget-friendly and cost effective

3. You enjoy unlimited licensed use in the workplace

4. A full package of personal support is available

5. Resources are ideal for manager coaching sessions

6. Perfect for delivering in-house training events

7. Materials can be used on your company E-learning platform

8. Available to use immediately with a simple phone call

Four packages available:

There are four packages available to help you maximise the use of the Managing Remote Employees’ resource.

1. The Bronze package includes the supply of the ‘Managing Remote Employees’ ebook only

2. The Silver Package includes the supply of an Announcement Overview, Workbook, Digital eBook, ‘How to deliver’ Guide, PowerPoint slides, Learning Plan Document and Certificate

3. The Gold Package includes the Silver Package offering, your organisation’s branding on the supplied material and telephone coaching from John Stein, the Founder of the Fast Five Series.

4. The Platinum Package includes the Gold Package offering and the development of bespoke content and competencies linked to the remote working roles within your organisation.

Each package is offered on an unlimited licensed use basis, in your organisation only for a 12-month period. Normal terms and conditions of supply and payment apply.

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